A Call to Action on Purim: Urge President Biden to Stand with Israel

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Dear President Biden,

I am writing to you to ask you to continue to stand strongly with Israel in her battle against Hamas.

Today is the Jewish holiday of Purim. As told in the Book of Esther, we commemorate the victory of our Jewish ancestors over the evil Haman and his plot to exterminate the Jews living in the Persian kingdom. Haman sought to destroy the Jews of his time solely because they were Jews.

On October 7, we witnessed Hamas do the same. As you know, Hamas terrorists murdered, raped, and kidnapped innocent Israelis - young and old - only because they were Jews.

You immediately recognized Hamas as evil and endorsed and supported Israel’s right and obligation to defend itself and secure its citizens by decisively and irreversibly destroying Hamas, ensuring that they never pose a threat to Israel again.

In recent weeks, your statements have been less supportive of Israel successfully concluding its war on Hamas and have repeatedly questioned its commitment to deliver humanitarian aid and preserve civilian life in Gaza. This weakens Israel’s ability to eradicate Hamas and feeds the increasingly dangerous antisemitic narrative of Israeli genocide in Gaza.

President Biden, please support Israel doing what it must to defeat Hamas. Please recognize and salute it as an island of humanity and values despite being surrounded by enemies committed to its destruction.

Please stand with Israel. Please stand with the Jewish people.